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About GetNiche

Part design wizard, part code hacker, part entrepreneurial wannabe, I’ve called it quits at my full-time gig and decided to take this show on the road.

Going solo for the first time in my life along with my two amazing kids I’ve truly learned the meaning of work-life balance. Building websites has given me the freedom to explore happiness in ways I never knew existed. And I have to tell you a secret…it’s really not that hard.

You can see why I want to spend more time at home.

I was able to do this because of the success I’ve found online.

Now I spend my “work days” at Starbucks while jamming to my favorite songs and sipping on my favorite caffeinated beverage (Venti No-Whip Mocha). These are usually 4-6 hour stretches a few times a week that serve more as self-indulgence and preservation than what one would classify as actual work.

In between “working”, I have the luxury of being able to do the simple things that seemed difficult while at my 8 to 5 salaried job. These things include getting my oil changed, picking my son up from preschool, and calling to complain about my health care coverage (don’t get me started).

Why this blog?
It’s very foreign to me to put my time and energy into something that I don’t see as a profitable endeavor. I have a lot to say about where I’m going, where I’ve been, and how I got where I am today. Hopefully that translates into this blog and helps some people along the way.

I’m also hoping this will be an outlet that helps me to connect with others doing the same thing. Without a workplace with co-workers to chat with daily it can get kinda lonely out here. That’s why I encourage you to hit me up in the comments, send me an email or find me on social media. I’ve got nothing but time to talk shop with you.

Great places to get started!

If you’re only interested in my tools of the trade then you’ll probably find my resources page pretty useful. Otherwise there’s plenty to see here. From my domain acquisitions to my sites in development to my current earnings to my entire journey from day one. I doubt you’ll be disappointed with the niche snippets that you pick up. See what I did there?


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