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Mattress/Sleep (Evergreen)

Everyone sleeps…which means that in first world countries like the USA everyone also needs a mattress. That’s what makes the lucrative market of high-margin sleep products the perfect place to build a niche site.

In addition to high volume searches spanning a large number of exact match keywords, this industry also boasts some of the highest payouts to successful internet marketers.

Let’s take a closer look at what you can expect when promoting mattresses on your niche website.

Top 5 Best Mattress Affiliate Programs

  1. Puffy
  2. DreamCloud
  3. Nectar
  4. Nolah
  5. Purple

These brands tend to have very engaged affiliate managers who work closely with content producers to facilitate positive growth and awareness for their company. Motivated site owners can expect to get free mattresses, pillows & bed platforms to use for product reviews before ever generating a commission. Additionally, targeted sites with good visitor numbers are rewarded with increased commissions percentages or flat payouts. These can be further increased through tiered payouts for affiliates generating large sales volumes through their sites.

Pair the affiliate revenue with generous CPC payouts from advertiser bidding on platforms like MediaVine and AdSense and it makes sense to test your ad mix for optimal revenue.

Top 5 Target Keywords

  1. Best Memory Foam Mattress
  2. Best Mattress for Back Pain
  3. Best Mattress for Side Sleepers
  4. Best Mattress for Stomach Sleepers
  5. Best Mattress for the Money

These keywords are the most queried and most competitive in the mattress niche. Anyone who has built a mattress site has created an article targeting these exact match searches. In order to rank well in Google your niche site needs to be well-established, well-populated and well-linked. Your SEO practices will need to be on point and your formatting will need to take full advantage of the visitors coming in. Losing a single sale could cost you up to $450 in squandered opportunity.

How To Make Money in the Mattress Niche

Taking into account top payouts, top searches and historical sales it’s easy to estimate what a niche site in the mattress industry could bring in. It’s an impressive number that is quite motivating. If you can maintain a consistent level of focus on this industry for a couple years you should be able to get close to these numbers.

Average Payout : $200
Target Daily Visitors : 2,500
Target Conversions : 5 (1 per 500 visitors)
Math : $200 x 5 = $1,000/day, $30,000/mo, $900k-$1.2m site worth

Brandable Mattress/Sleep Domains for Sale

Tool Affiliate Sites

Tool and outdoor equipment affiliate sites regularly sell for 6 figures after only a couple years of growth.

Amazon carries a large assortment of the best brands and makes it easy to ship the heavier items direct to consumer. Pair that with product price points that range up into 4 figures and average commissions can easily hit $50-$100 per referral.

A few premium examples that we have available for sale:

Sometimes the more specific you get the more you can cater to your audience. With Great Saw you have the ability to promote products from handsaws to table saws to chainsaws.

By honing in on this niche you’ll be able to gain trust and rank at the same time…a killer combo in the eyes of the search gods.

Alternatively, domains that suggest a wider range of recommendations like Tool Pulse can give you the freedom to tackle an entire industry and leave the opportunity to grow in a number of directions. You can still focus on one particular product category from the beginning, but once you’ve exhausted your options there you’re not forced to build another niche site.

Garagey is another brandable domain that is perfect for building an authority niche tool site.

It conveys a general idea and is memorable. All too often niche marketers build sites on mediocre domains. When you do that you devalue the business in a lot of ways. The most significant in my mind is resale value.

No investor wants to have a portfolio that contains domains like or You need to find something short and memorable.

Another reason is that it gives you the confidence to promote your hard work without being self conscious or modest about your accomplishments. I build a series of sites that ended in When I told people about them I felt like a hack and an illegitimate business owner. Don’t do that to yourself. If you have to spend some money up front on a good domain it’s well worth it.


What is a Niche Site?

A niche website is a content based web property that makes money primarily through display ads, lead generation, direct advertising or affiliate advertising. Niche sites are typically built based on purchase intent web (Google) search volumes and seek to promote products or product categories that offer opportunity for income generation. Niche sites are generally viewed as passive income properties capable of making the operator money without a large staff or constant attention.

What is a Purchase Intent Search?

Purchase intent is exactly what it sounds like. It’s the intent to research and buy a product through the available tools and information on the internet. Web users who type “best” or “cheap” or “vs” in a product related search tend to be looking for confirmation on what to buy. If your website provides them that information then they are likely to click on the recommendation you provided and in turn generate a commission that you collect on.

What isn’t a Niche Site?

For the purposes of digital marketers such as myself, niche sites are primarily content-driven. Thus, they ARE NOT websites whose main focus is driving business to real world services, physical e-commerce products, or software services (SaaS). They’re also not forums as those tend to require a lot of attention, support and continued development.

What is an Authority Site?

Authority sites are niche sites that have graduated to a large audience. Typically they’ve gained enough success to hire staff and cross over into other business initiatives such as e-commerce and digital product development. These sites are usually well branded and recognizable as a leader in the space.

What’s an Evergreen Niche?

An evergreen niche is a product category that isn’t at risk of becoming obsolete. When you think about what humans require for basic survival you can easily identify niche site opportunities that will stand the test of time and continue to grow as the world population grows.


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